Ibrahim Sowunmi

Thing I intend to accomplish - FY22

Writing up a plan for things I want to accomplish during 2022. Divided into sections.



So I don’t tax myself. I will be dedicating my time in the gym during Jan, Feb & March primarily to achieving a straddle split. Working on my flexibility has been something I have been doing intermittently for a long time. Motivation comes in spurts that are not very long-lasting before I get bored. This time will be different.


Running just feels great. Hyping myself up to do it kind of sucks. The constant injures afterwards sucks. The running itself is still great. The pressure on my joints, not so much. The effect on the heart is the greatest. Simulating physical stress (short of breath, heart palpitations) is fantastic for mental health. I will start running EXTREMELY lightly. To ease into it and minimise the risk of burn-out. I can do a 5k in about 30 minutes, although it leaves me nicely winded afterwards. Pretty amateur. I’m aiming for 5k in 30 mins, comfortably. Rather than recklessly pushing forward to the next milestone, I would rather consolidate my current level of fitness for once.


Or any other contact sport. I will be starting this again in Ireland. I’ve gone to one session in Dublin, where I pulled a muscle due to overexertion, surprise surprise. I’m not as fit as I once was at the ripe old age of 24, ffs. The intention is to go again and take it easy. Leave my ego outside the gym. Starting from March.


One session a week. Gym body for the ladies and that.


4X Salesforce Certified

  • 3 will come naturally. Pushing for that 4th
  • Admin, App builder, Advanced admin, Platform Developer (TBD)

Pass the ESE program successfully

  • If I don’t do this, someone give me a bell. Mental health will most likely be a shambles. Even if I sound like I’m good haha.


- Keep in contact with friends & family

“Relationships are an investment from your end as much as other peoples” – Therapist Lady


Be less anxious

I have no clue when this became a thing. It certainly wasn’t prior to university. I get very anxious from time to time now. Maybe it’s because I care more . It’s annoying, as I can’t control it. I kind of miss the emotional disconnect I once had with that emotion. I may just be more aware of when I feel anxious, and think about it more as opposed to powering through 🤷🏿‍♂️.

Plan better

This is the most important thing on this list by far.

B1 level in a Second Language

I did Spanish for 3 months then fell of. Giving it a second try.


Get into crypto

I’m kind of into it already. I could have a very rudimentary conversation about web3, Staking, LP, DAOs and tokenimics but I’m on the lowest of lows waffling.

Engage more with crypto

A crazy high turnover industry that sees a few years of evolution every few months with projects spawning and crumbling weekly, very much Wild West. Similar to the wild west there are snake oil salesmen about in droves, hopefully I won’t be singed. Luckily, I have a community of people around me who have been navigating through the cryptoverse, quite successfully, for a fair amount of time. Tapping into that, whilst also engaging more with discord and Twitter communities, will be vital for my success in this, I’m guessing.

Segment your money

I am young. As a percentage of my lifetime income the money I’m earning now (hopefully) shouldn’t be too much money. I intend to splurge during 2022. This year has placed me within a network, in a location, that allows me to do more this year with my money. Some experiences can’t be purchased. I want a year where I have fun. I have been relatively frugal with my money (although 1 blip of a year). This year I should have enough capital to squirrel away some nuts for the winter, whilst having a decent time.

Spend more frugally (No more 3X takeaway nights in a week)

This is going to be hard. Deliveroo has me in a chokehold.


Become engaged with a volunteering community

Regularly engage in some form of outreach. It doesn’t matter where it comes from. For the past few months, I have been mentoring two kids, that’s been enjoyable. I would like to increase my engagement but finding a community is difficult. You would think in this day and age, you could pop onto google type volunteering and the algorithm would deliver a cornucopia of companies desperate for your help, but apparently not😂. There’s company outreach which is cool, but doing something separate to that would also be cool.

If you have or know of anything in London/Dublin and think I may be able to help. Please do not hesitate to reach out.



Get adobe lightroom. Travel to places. Take photos. Then edit the photos. Upload as a finished photoset with a story!

My website

Currently looks alright. I’m proud of it. Going to need a lot of work to become what I envision though. Pumped to work on it.

Will check in on FY23, if I’ve done all of this successfully. It will have been a great year.