Ibrahim Sowunmi

The Power of Twitter and why you should use it (I don't use it but still)

I don’t like social media. Never been a fan of it. Don’t think I ever will be. Even when I’m enjoying myself I hate how addictive and non-value additive it is.

That statement is true in 9/10 cases but for a micropreneur1, it’s extremely useful. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m in a transitory period of my life. I’m trying new stuff. Something I’ve noticed whilst looking around for the next big thing is network is important. I’ve always known it’s important but it’s even MORE important than I initially thought. When someone says networking to me. I’ve always thought of it in the traditional sense. I think of a professional network. As in who you meet through work, or friends with good jobs/networks.

Twitters network is useful. Every social media network is “useful”. I just think that twitter’s is the best for generating a marketable following.

I was recently reading about Tony dinhs2 success with creating a SaaS product, and getting it to 3K MRR. Which is impressive. You have a successful solo project like that, scale it, maintain it and you are set for a good while. After digging through his site and his blog, the thing that gave him that virtual slap on the butt when kickstarting his product was his twitter following.

When you want to create something new, distribution is a HUGE issue that technically minded people like myself put little to no energy into.

Most people are not particularly smart, insightful or original. I do believe most people can regurgitate enough content. Granted, in their own words, sprinkled with enough value and authenticity, to give the impression they are though. - Some guy

I’ve started this slowly with my blog (which doesn’t have much content/isn’t particularly well written) and I intend to get better with it over time. Writing on random topics on twitter that interest me and sharing online. Like a mini blog that I’ll use to inform the thoughts of my personal blog. Who knows.

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