Ibrahim Sowunmi


I’ve decided to start blogging.

Kind of fruitless in this day and age. Everything is so concentrated on social media and whatnot, but I’ve learned a lot from blogs. Plus, it’s always nice to come across a good blog, whether it belongs to someone you know or serves as educational material.

As I’m about to enter the working world “for real, for real,” I don’t want to be a passionless, uninteresting bozo. The way to avoid this, in my opinion, is to try a bunch of random stuff and see what sticks. Blogging is one of these. This mindset has led to many poor social and financial decisions, but we move on.

Why I’m doing this.

It’s primarily to tame a little section of this highly centralized beast known as the internet and make it my own. I wanted something similar to social media but not as likely to suck me in and a little more fun to curate/create. The solution is obviously to build it yourself. I also wanted something more extensible than Medium and more fun than WordPress. It’s also a bit of a testament to my technical vanity, not gonna lie (or maybe a calling to get a life 🤷🏿‍♂️).

The current state of the site is a static webpage. This is not the ideal end state, but alas, I am too lazy to spin up an EC2 to host (and too cheap) as I’m dilly-dallying doing this little thing called a degree.

FUTURE-EDIT: Degree done will move to EC2 when bored.

FUTURE-EDIT2: Not a fan of EC2. Moved it to Jamstack and Netlify, makes a lot more sense.

This blog serves to

  1. Organise my thoughts
  2. Share my thoughts
  3. Share cool shit I find (or maybe make?)
  4. Digital vetting (I still exist guys)
  5. Agency over my own digital representation

Looking at things people have produced online is not something one would traditionally classify as a passion but it’s something that everyone does, a lot. Think of the ratio of content consumers to producers. It’s probably in your favour to produce something. Even if only to get into the mindset. Paired with some guiding beliefs of mine it’s really made me want to share some/create something cool.

I do a solid amount of journaling, tons of note taking. Doing it in a manner that isn’t as blaise as a journal or as academic as my notes strikes me as a healthy balance.

Special influence: Jamie Tanna’s post about the indie web Here inspired me a little. And Khoi Vin’s Interview Here about how his blog has affected his life

The intention is to do a post a week of 250 - 500 words, on any topic that tickles my fancy. It’s one those things that’s supposedly should make me a better person?

FUTURE-EDIT: Failed this horrendously, second try now (2/11/21)!