Ibrahim Sowunmi

This is the first "curated" photoset. It doesn't really flow yet but I will revisit!

I actually built most of the technical plumbing for this photoset whilst I was in Sweden. The weather, was ass so I spent most of the time inside. This was just a chill, literally, getaway. Opposed to sharing a journey this is more a collection of pics I took on photo walks.

Welcome to Gothenburg

This was where I stayed. A little area called gamlestaden torget. Which means old town. Upon arrival the visa/ticket inspector lady informed me that the area I was staying in was the nice part of Gothenburg. Located 15 or so minutes from the city center.

Quick spin of the city center. It had pretty good transport links and from here everywhere of interest within the city was pretty much only a 20 minute walk away!

Behind the scenes

i was freezing my ass and balls off. It was -3 degrees and my camera died pretty frequently and literally froze quite regularly.

skansen krona
View from the Crown Sconce

After climbing to the top of a hill with a fortress on top this is the view I was rewarded with. A millitary fort, strategically for from way up high to bombard your enemies. A pretty sweet view of GBG.

What surprised me was how "grand" the city was. For a European style city it was very spacious. I suspect this was in part due to the industrial origins of the city.


Then I took a day trip to Stockholm. Wondered around the and grabbed a few pics here. Much prettier than Gothenburg. Respectfully.