Ibrahim Sowunmi

(Upcoming) Trends - Gerontocracy & Genomics - Socioeconomic Implications

  • Ray kurtzweil - we are on track to achieve biilogical immortality by 2030

    • Science if haopending faster
  • Compoindin returns

    • ALpha fold,
    • MRNA,
    • More AI
    • Nanotech - Nanoparticle size robotos track and capture individual cells
    • Quantam computing
  • Longevity escape velocity - Life extending theraphies are going faster than real time

  • We’re heading towards an iphone moment for regenative medicine

  • New technologies are combining in diffferent ways to result in entirely new markets

  • Indefinite life span

  • Assuming the prediction is correct

  • Lets prognosticate tell the future

Social Reactipons

  • Many people will reject immortality cuz its ass
  • Many people belive death is what gives meaning to life
    • This sounds like a big cope since dealth has always been inevitbale
  • Entities that are afriad of death pass on their genes
  • There will be a diverge
    • People that belive in death - ready to due
    • People that wanna live forever
  • “We aren’t meant to lvie that long” - age will be looked at like any other disease - lets bring back tuberculosisnd
  • Reject - Strong arguments that aging and death are good
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once you get to a certain age, lonely and bored

will longevity medicicne be cheap and accesible? If it is cheap great for all if not cheap we are not ina great place Wealth elite can enesure all the safeguards to ensure immortality Will we ensure euality with DAOs? 2605b749827b178079388f4fa812d1bd.png Algorithimic technocracy Corporate greed and political cronyism e6f805e8583b84539d672d57921be77b.png